What I did in Week 1

  • Participated in the BB forums
  • Tried to find a way to get an RSS feed out of BB into FF
  • Set up a FriendFeed group for the class, imported all the feeds of my classmates’ blogs
  • Read everyone’s blog posts as they came in through FriendFeed, and commented on a few
  • Contributed to the class wiki
  • Tried to read next week’s assignment. I really hate the term produsage, so its been a hard read. Thank goodness I read Shirky over vacation!
  • Created a video on how to hyperlink and how to burn a feed, use Newsgator and FriendFeed. I hate recording myself, so this is stretching for me.
  • Answered the Big Question on my main blog, linked to this blog. This will probably be the hardest thing for me – I don’t have time to double post. What I normally put on my blog are the topics being covered in both classes. But I don’t want to neglect my main blog for six weeks! What to do…
  • Started thinking about my first “produsage” assignment.

What am I going to do for my first produsage project?

For this class, we have 2 “produsage” assignments. (<–you probably have to be in my class to see that link, I’m just curious if the link will work). Here’s the assignment:

You will create two (2) produsage assignments, one due on the Monday of Week 4 and the other due on the Monday of Week 6. Each must be distinct. You may not essentially use the same shell or technology for both assignments and swap out content or audience
These assignments are designed with the following concepts in mind:
· Opportunity to explore one or more Web 2.0 technologies
· With the concept of learning or performance support in mind
· For the purpose of creating something
· That will be of interest to (PRODUSAGE 1 ONLY) and shared with the class For Produsage 2, the topic can be something of interest to the class or something that you will make sue of in another setting. It must be shared with the class regardless of purpose.
You will use one or more Web 2.0 technologies to create a Web-based resource to support learning or performance in a user-centered, Web 2.0 manner on a course-related topic.

So — I think for the first one I’m going to make a space that learning technologists can experiement with the new Learning 2.0 technologies. I’m playing around with Netvibes, because I want a space that people can easily add in existing sites that touch on this topic. I’m not sure Netvibes is the best choice, so we’ll have to see.

I also want to come up with some way to gauge performance. Not sure what that means yet.

Thoughts & critiques welcome!

What do I want to learn from this class

So in Vanessa’s latest podcast, she asked us to think about what we want to learn from this course.

Its probably obvious I have a pretty good idea of how to use Web 2.0 tools. So, learning the tools is not something I need. Thanks to my background as an Information Studies major (plus a minor in sociology), I’m pretty conversant with the concepts of information needs, how people conduct searches from information, and small group theory.

I think what I’m most interested in learning is tactical: HOW do you build a course that enables students to build their own small groups, perhaps even CoPs? How do you do this in a corporate world where people have time constraints on learning specific concepts and tasks, and where you must prove return on investment for learning?

This is the second class web 2.0 I’ve been in where I’ve watched people struggle with information overload.  I’ve also seen that problem in online classes where the instructor introduces new web 2.0 tools – the students have a hard time figuring out the tools. By the time they get to the actual instructional materials they are too worn out from navigating the new tools.

Maybe this can be my first mashup – a playground to learn how to surf the web 2.0 tools. But when I design this mashup I want to have a concrete learning goal, and I want a way to measure that goal.

I’m just not sure if that is possible though..